Investing in your skills is investing in your career, your personality, and how you show up in the world. Our courses have the votes from industry leaders and world-renowned professors who share the core belief of pursuing skills that stay with you for life. Your knowledge is yours, and the power it holds cannot be taken. Now it’s up to you – are you going to take a course to level up?

We serve thousands of students annually around the world through provision of high quality courses that are in demand within all the career clusters.

We help people at all stages of life (youth, job seekers, second career seekers, new employees and employees who want to improve their work performance) to get on a path to career success.

We empower people with the knowledge, skills and values to build their lives, become financially successful and contribute to their societies.

We collaborate closely with high schools, universities as well as employers that are interested in providing customized skills development programs for their students/employees.

We strive to make a lasting difference through providing courses free of charge to those in need. Our courses are available through charities, non-profits and libraries around the

Our clients and associates around the world have recognized our services as important assets to the communities.

Our Courses Work Around You

Ease up on taking tests and worrying about time. With our courses you have the freedom of learning at your own pace. So take the quiz when you feel ready and as many times as you need.

100% Online & On Your Time

What do comfortable sofas, commutes, and relaxing cafés have in common? They could all be a Skillz for the Future classroom. Our learning is up to your convenience, so whether you’re on the go or a couch potato, every chapter is accessible on any device and available any time.

Select A Device Of Your Choice

iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop — you name it, we’re on it. All you have to do is choose.


Easy To Understand

Let’s be honest — lectures and reading can be long and boring. That’s why our courses are designed to be bite-sized. We have broken down vast topics into short, manageable, and easy-to-understand content, equipping you with essential skills to use in the real world.

With Us?

Optimised For Prime Scrolling

Scrolling fatigue is a real thing, and it’s especially annoying if you can’t even find the information you need. Our courses are formatted so that you can extract key insights from each topic with nothing more than a scroll or two.

Hybrid Learning That Lives With You

Each course takes a hybrid learning approach, consisting of worksheets, interactive quizzes and case studies. There are no more surprise pop quizzes! Instead, expect short practice tests at the end of each chapter to reinforce key concepts for the final test.

A Certificate On Us

Here’s an official certificate issued from the ‘Institute of Learning and Development’ when you score at least 75%. ILD is internationally recognised by industry professionals and major educational institutes too. Kill two birds with one stone by boosting your resume, and showing your professional network that you’ve been active.

We Support the United Nations SDGs

Skillz for the Future is proudly built on the blueprint of the United Nations Sutainable Development Goals of Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent Work & Economic Growth, and ultimately overall Reduced Inequalities globally by the year 2030.

SDG #4
Quality Education

Our e-learning programs provide access to equitable education opportunities to all, especially those in underserved communities as we deem it is our moral responsibility and dutiful mission to serve society as a whole.

SDG #5
Gender Equality

As a gender diversified team of individuals, we closely acknowledge the challenges surrounding gender equality and equity, so for us, it is our solemn duty to empower and advance women empower and advance women development opportunities.

SDG #10
Reduced Inequalities

Every action is motivated by eliminating inequity via education and skill development. We are dedicated to teaching our students how to live sustain ably and economically by guiding them through their chosen career paths.

SDG #8
Decent Work &
Economic Growth

We take great pride in offering liberation to our learners world wide to become dynamic leaders by fostering value-driven initiatives and most importantly sustainable leadership.