How to Use ChatGPT for IB Extended Essay

The IB Extended Essay isn’t just a regular paper; it’s a big project where you explore something you’re really interested in. You get to show off your research skills and how well you can think critically and work independently.

Getting to Know ChatGPT:

ChatGPT isn’t your typical chatbot; it’s a smart computer program designed to talk like a human. But remember, while ChatGPT can be helpful, it’s not a replacement for real human help.

Let’s start using ChatGPT for your essay research. Here’s how:

  1. Figuring Out Your Research Question: Start by coming up with a clear question to guide your research.
  2. Getting Ideas: Ask ChatGPT about your topic to get some new thoughts and ideas.
  3. Learning Background Info: Use ChatGPT to find basic info and learn more about your topic.
  4. Checking Sources: While ChatGPT can suggest sources, make sure to check if they’re reliable on your own.

Now that you have your research, it’s time to write. Here’s how

ChatGPT can help:

  1. Planning Your Essay: Work with ChatGPT to make a good plan for your essay.
  2. Fixing Grammar and Style: Ask ChatGPT for advice on making your writing better.
  3. Adding Citations: Get ChatGPT to help you with citing sources correctly, but always double-check.
  4. Getting Over Writer’s Block: If you’re stuck, talk to ChatGPT to get some ideas flowing again.

Take a look at how else can ChatGPT help you with your essay:

  • ChatGPT can give you different perspectives. Ask it questions related to your topic to get more ideas for your essay.
  • Talk to ChatGPT to improve your arguments and think about what people might disagree with. This will make your essay stronger.
  • Try mixing ideas from different subjects. ChatGPT can help you see connections between them, making your essay more interesting.
  • Let ChatGPT help you with writing tips, like making sentences better and choosing the right words. But always make sure your writing still sounds like you.

Lastly, remember to be honest in your essay. Always give credit to your sources, think for yourself, and ask for help from your teachers and classmates. Using ChatGPT can make your Extended Essay experience better, but remember, it’s just a tool. Your hard work and creativity are what really matter in making your essay great. So, use AI to help, but keep focusing on doing your best and making your essay awesome!